Sony was interested in creating a film out of Grace Coddington's memoir

Sony was interested in creating a film out of Grace Coddington's memoir

According to Sony emails posted by Wikileaks

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A new email with the subject line 'Grace' has been leaked via Wikileaks, revealing Sony's interest in making a film out of the iconic Vogue creative director's memoir. Get the scoop here...

Wikileaks have posted an email from Sony with the subject line 'Grace' – revealing that the entertainment giant had an interest in creating a film out of the 74-year-old Vogue creative director's memoir. The email is dated December 2013 and was sent by Adam North (who at the time was junior creative executive at Sony, and has since been promoted to creative executive) to former Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal. The email reveals that North was trying to set up a meeting between Grace Coddington and Pascal, with the note: "I do think that this project with her is worth considering for the future."

North goes on to explain Coddington's memoir, which he had read that weekend, writing to Pascal: "I think the world of the book — from running around London and Paris in the 60's and 70's to helping run Vogue in NYC now and her relationship with Anna Wintour — is totally enthralling and rife with opportunities for fun cinematic moments, great characters, etc." 

North goes on to explain in the leaked email: "If purchased, those developing would have to mine both the book and Grace herself for more insight intowhy she made the decision to go shoot at the Hamptons with Bruce Weber instead of the many ways she could have done x or y cover of Vogue; whereher inspiration comes from, etc., etc." He even shares that Grace: A Memoir could "make an excellent TV show — there's so much detail, so many small stories (fashion shoots, her many boyfriends, etc.) that one film doesn't seem like enough time to spend with this character/world. But I've heard the Grace isn't yet keen on the television idea."

North signs off the email to Pascal revealing that esteemed British writer and producer Abi Morgan is "attached to adapt." Morgan was responsible for the 2011 Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady starring Meryl Streep, and is now working on Suffragette starring Helena Bonham Carter, Carey Mulligan and Streep.

On the surface it would seem that nothing has come from this email since it was sent two and half years ago, but films do take a long time do make – so we wait and hope. Who do you think should play Grace Coddington in a film? We think fellow red head Julianne Moore would be just perfect...