Revealed: Social media and smartphones banned from tonight's Met Gala

Revealed: Social media and smartphones banned from tonight's Met Gala

We predict a selfie drought

Editor: Buro 24/7

Don't think you will be able to stalk Instagram tonight to get a rare glimpse inside one of the biggest red carpet events of the year – as it is revealed that the Met Gala has officially banned social media and smartphones...

One of the most intriguing elements of the digital era in which we now live is that we can gain a unique insight into the lives of some of the biggest celebrities on the planet – just by opening up apps such as Instagram, or Periscope. David Beckham recently provided us with some serious stalking goodness, sharing some candid snaps from his 40th birthday celebrities and a few selfies with the Spice Girls to boot.

Tonight marks one of the world's biggest red carpet events – the Met Gala. In past years we've seen Cara Delevingne post a video of a very 'chirpy' Reese Witherspoon try to pronounce her surname, and of course, there was the infamous elevator incident last year with Jay Z and Bey's sister Solange. This year however, we suspect there will be no such gems as the organisers at the Met Gala have announced that there is an official ban on social media and smartphones at tonight's swanky event. 

The red carpet will still be an all-access area, but once the guests are inside - the doors will be both literally and metaphorically closed. Luckily there is no such ban over in Seoul, as Karl Lagerfeld prepares to show the new Chanel cruise collection in South Korea tonight. We've already spotted some Instagram posts of Kristen Stewart playing the curious tourist, and Tilda Swinton singing karaoke with Jerry Stafford, and have high hopes for more gems to come. Stay tuned...