Watch now: Six influencers in the new Superstar film by adidas Originals

Pharrell Williams and five icons

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Take a look at the new Superstar film from Adidas Originals – starring Pharrell Williams and five handpicked influencers. Watch it here...

Pharrell Williams and five handpicked infleuncers star in the all new Superstars film by Adidas Originals. Pusha T, Gregoriy Dobrygin, Smithe, VJ Mian and Yoon join Adidas' longtime collaborator for the new video, which starts with Williams declaring: "I'm surrounded by opinions."  

"Six voices. Six faces. Six streams of creativity, all individuals are united in their commitment to creating for an audience of one," says adidas Originals. "The true calling card of an Original Superstar." See the new clip above now.

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