Alexandra Shulman and Miriam González Durantez embark on 'Inspiring Women' campaign

Alexandra Shulman and Miriam González Durantez embark on 'Inspiring Women' campaign

Fashion focus

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British Vogue's editor-in-chief and wife of the deputy prime minister Nick Clegg – Miriam González Durantez, have made it their mission to inspire women worldwide

The two women have embarked on a campaign trail today, with the aim "to demystify the roles that exist within the fashion industry." As part of Durantez's wide-reaching 'Inspiring Women' campaign, today's event has a clear focus on fashion, and a mission to inspire young girls that are about to embark on their professional careers. 

'Inspiring Women' campaign

From design, to manufacturing, to marketing, to retail – the project aims to showcase all of the many options that young women can enter in the fashion industry and will feature an impressive list of speakers: Susie Forbes, principal of the Condé Nast College; Caroline Rush, CEO of the British Fashion Council; Jo Hales, head of buying at Marks & Spencer; Miranda Cantacuzene Speransky, model booker at Storm; Kate Blythe, editorial and content director at; Mary Homer, managing director at Topshop; and model Daisy Lowe. 

"The opportunities for working in the fashion industry are huge but it's often hard to find out about them," said Vogue's Shulman. "This is the perfect opportunity for people who work not only in the high profile side of the business but in some of the lesser known spheres to share their experience and tell the girls about jobs they might not know existed. It's an industry which has a relatively high proportion of female talent and hopefully this event will be both inspiring and useful for the pupils who are wondering what career they might have, and how to take the first steps."

'Inspiring Women' campaign

"Fashion is an industry worth £26 billion to the UK economy and therefore it generates plenty of job opportunities," added González Durantez. "Fashion is the top designer, the photographer, and the model, but it is also the person who dresses windows at the store, the scientist who discovers a new product formula, the CFO of a retail company, the retailer, the buyer. This event is a perfect occasion to expose the girls to the wide range and variety of careers within the fashion sector".

Alongside today's 'career speed-networking' event, the Inspiring Women campaign is aiming to encourage more and more women to sign up. 

'Inspiring Women' campaign

Since the birth of the Inspiring The Future programme in two years ago, the project has already received sign ups from over 11,400 women and hopes to hit its target of 15,000 over the next year.

The campaign is open to all women, and online registration is available here.