Schiaparelli RTW: By appointment only

Schiaparelli RTW: By appointment only

A super exclusive retail strategy for the Paris-based label

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Coining the term 'Prêt-à-Couture', Schiaparelli continues to make fashion waves during its era of rebirth under new creative direction

With a retail strategy set to echo the label's super exclusive past, Schiaparelli is to sell its first collection of high-end ready-to-wear under the creative direction of Marco Zanini exclusively at a by-appointment boutique in Paris.

With a title of 'prêt-à-couture', the range of clothes and accessories is to be revealed in June at a 2,500-square-foot space within Schiaparelli's headquarters, at 21 Place Vendôme.

"It is in our own luxury. When clients will come here, they will feel it is a truly special moment in a couture house, something intimate, exclusive and precious," said Camilla Schiavone, Schiaparelli GM.

The private boutique will be in the historic home of Elsa Schiaparelli, a building that also houses its couture salons, studio, atelier and offices.

Prices of the line are yet to be finalised, with Schiavone suggesting Schiaparelli would decide in its own time – perhaps another subtle nod to the label's founder and her sometimes controversial, always modern outlook.

"Our independence and irreverence make us willing to follow a schedule that makes sense, not rushing anything, following and respecting seasons and clients, presenting projects when they are ready, taking the necessary time to develop collections, etc.," Schiavone explains.

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