Santoni partners with Marco Zanini for seasonal fashion edit

Santoni partners with Marco Zanini for seasonal fashion edit

An Italian collaboration

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Santoni

Two fashion powerhouses are coming together for an exclusive fashion project that will be quintessentially Italian.

Italian shoe label Santoni has announced that it will be collaborating with fashion designer Marco Zanini on a new fashion collection. Aptly titled Santoni edited by Marco Zanini, the former Schiaparelli Creative Director will inject his own signature style into a seasonal line that includes outerwear to footwear.

"Marco is undoubtedly one of the most talented contemporary designers," said Giuseppe Santoni, CEO of Santoni. "We connected immediately: we share the same aesthetic codes and a passion for everything that oozes quality, culture and modernity". The excitement for the new partnership was shared by Zanoni: "Integrity is the distinctive Santoni trait. Their attention for the longevity of good product matches the widely-felt need for fashion that's less superficial and volatile. I approached this project instinctively. We are witnessing a distracting multiplication of products, which triggers in me the opposite reaction. Tradition involves knowledge, but also calls for slowness and attention."

Santoni edited by Marco Zanini will be unveiled during Milan Fashion Week in February. Also, take a look inside Santoni's new boutique in Paris

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