Sandro and Maje boutiques to open for the first time in the Middle East

Sandro and Maje boutiques to open for the first time in the Middle East

Arriving in February in Dubai

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The wait for Parisian chic style is finally over

The first Sandro and Maje stand-alone stores in the Middle East will be opening soon at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai on February 14 it has been announced.

Sandro' and 'Maje store launches in Dubai

The French brands, independently founded by two sisters, have never been directly available in the Middle East until now.  In Europe - where there is a Sandro store, there's usually a Maje boutique nearby - and vice versa.  Sandro was launched in 1984 by Evelyne Chétrite, whose parents moved to Paris from Morocco when she was a child. Her younger sister, Judith Milgrom, worked with her at the label for 12 years before setting up Maje in 1999.

In 2007, Evelyne and Judith were joined by Fridiric Biousse and Elie Kouby to accelerate the development of their brands and SMCP Group was subsequently created in 2010 upon an investment made by L Capital, the investment group within LVMH. 

Sandro' and 'Maje store launches in Dubai


Sandro has established itself the go-to-label for contemporary Parisian style. Known for their sleek and sophisticated separates, and focus on the cut and fall of the fabric, combining chic materials such as silk, cashmere and leather.


Maje is the chic Parisian label from Moroccan-born designer Judith Milgrom. Created for a woman who is "a lover of bohemian, feminine fashion", renowned for their softly draped silk dresses and classic coverups in wool and leather. 

Sandro' and 'Maje store launches in Dubai

Maje and Sandro have their differences, but they are sisters at the end of the day and share the same elegant, bold and feminine silhouette to their garments, which every women, and man seek to have hanging in their closets.

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