Roland Mouret's new knitwear collaboration

Roland Mouret's new knitwear collaboration

A tight weave

Roland Mouret has turned his friendship with Katherine Poulton – of ethical label The North Circular – into a new fashion partnership which will launch this month

Recalling the moment they became friends, Katherine Poulton said, "I met Roland when I was first modelling in London, we have both come a long way since then. He was a young designer and I walked in his first shows. We have worked together ever since."  

After launching her knitwear brand The North Circular in 2009, Roland Mouret, a massive fan of the brand, suggested they create a knit version of his best-selling Eugine top, and so the knitted collaboration began.  

Roland Mouret's new knitwear collaboration (фото 1)

Launching this month, the new top is a limited-edition and one-off, as Mouret translates the elegant silhouette into a graphic zigzag cable knit, creating the perfect fusion of both brands...

"Working with Roland is great as he always has a clear vision of how he wants the piece to be, especially when he drapes directly on to the body. The forms he makes are always so unexpected and brilliant, enhancing your figure in the most chic way," says Poulton of the collaborative journey. "He was keen to push traditional handmade cable knit into a fashion-forward piece."

Modelled by fellow North Circular founder Lily Cole, the hand-knitted pieces made from the finest wool is now available at Roland Mouret's London Carlos Place shop and Madison Avenue store in New York. 

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