Topshop appeals against Rihanna court ruling

Topshop appeals against Rihanna court ruling

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The British retailer has launched an appeal against a recent court ruling that banned it from selling T-shirts featuring a picture of Rihanna

A set of offending (to Rihanna, anyway) T-shirts were removed from all Topshop branches after the superstar complained they were misleading to her fans.

She claimed that it was indicative of her endorsing the product, which she had not, and the judge agreed that the use of her image was tantamount to "passing off" – a common law term to enforce unregistered trademark rights. The star is often seen raising her profile, but understandably on her own terms.

The Royal Courts of Justice in London is where the two-day trial is currently taking place, and a rack of the T-shirts is displayed in the courtroom. Geoffrey Hobbs, on behalf of Topshop – which has recently launched a huge campaign with Beyoncé – is arguing that Rihanna's legal team had "misused the law on passing off" and claimed that "only a celebrity may ever market his or her own character".

The case continues...

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