The Richard Avedon photography app

The Richard Avedon photography app

Access to over 1,000 images

Image: Francis Ford Photography

The archived, iconic work of the late Richard Avedon is getting a digital voice, thanks to a free app that is being released today

The Richard Avedon Foundation proving it is able to move with the times and introducing an iPad app that gives users access to more than 1,000 images by the iconic photographer.

It's free, and can be downloaded via Apple's own app store today, working as a comprehensive digital log of Avedon's stunning, 60-year career, each divided into categories: Portraits, Fashion, Reportage, Exhibition and Magazines. There is also a virtual guide to the archive that describes the difference between Avedon's prints.

"This all started two years ago when we were having discussions about the best way to come out with this," said James Martin, Executive Director of The Richard Avedon Foundation, speaking to WWD, citing that this is a nice change from the standard coffee table books that promote artists so frequently nowadays. "We decided to bridge our archive with technology," he said, noting that the archive is comprised of half a million negatives and 15,000 sittings. 

"This is the best way to cover as much territory as possible," Martin said. "It's a free app. We aren't going to make money it or sell advertising space on it. As a matter of fact, we are losing money on it." 

The point of the app is purely to give access to Avedon's work, he said, and who can argue with that?