\"They represent the society of today\" – Riccardo Tisci on 'Kimye'

"They represent the society of today" – Riccardo Tisci on 'Kimye'

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As Riccardo Tisci's third Nike + RT collection hits stores, the Givenchy designer speaks to GQ about it's recent cover with his friend Kim Kardashian, and how both projects reflect a relevant take on today's society

Riccardo Tisci has been a good friend to the Kardashian-West clan in recent times. Of course they were all present at his recent 40th birthday bash in Ibiza, and that was after the Givenchy designer kitted out their incredibly high profile wedding earlier in the summer in the label's couture wares, and before Kim, Kanye and North sat front row at his Spring/Summer 15 collection show in Paris last week.

It's most certainly true that since signing on as the historic French fashion house's creative director in 2005, the Italian has also made his personality known via a series of cool side projects, including designing costumes for Beyoncé's Mrs Carter tour, coming up with the cover art for Watch The Throne, dressing 'Kimye' for their wedding, and a lucrative collaboration with Nike on a sell-out selection of limited-edition Air Force One styles. 

They represent the society of today

The third drop of 'Beige' Nike Air Force Ones is released today


In a recent chat with GQ, he speaks to the title about its recent cover and Woman of The Year Kim Kardashian, and how he feels about finally finishing his run with Nike. Here are some key moments from the interview:


On meeting Kim Kardashian for the first time:

"I've been friends with Kanye for seven years, and in general I'm not the type of person who likes to judge people. I don't like to be judged and I don't like to judge. I'm also not the type of person to watch television – I mostly read magazines and [social] media. I choose what I want to read because the media can be full of rubbish and make people worried. So I didn't know this phenomenon of the Kardashian family. Kanye and I are very close and have done a lot of collaborations together – I designed the Watch the Throne [album] cover and the costumes and stage for Jay Z and Kanye.

When they started dating Kanye came up to me and said we should all get dinner, so they came to Paris to visit me. I like the girl. She's cool, she's also different from what people think. She's very special. Very beautiful. Then I found out from fashion people that people didn't like her, people didn't want anything to do with her. I'm a Leo and Italian and very proud, so I didn't change my way about them. I invited them to the show, started doing special projects with them, dressing them and I got killed so much. But that's what you do to be a friend, to be real – you don't care about what people are saying."

"When the Vogue cover came out. It was sweet because she could have asked a lot of people [to design her wedding dress] at that time – but she still asked me"

On 'Kimye' as a couple:

"I like them because they represent the society of today – an aesthetically beautiful couple, of course, very open, both of them business people, she's a good mother, he's a good father. It's a modern love story – he didn't care what people thought about her, he just believed in love." 

On designing Kim's wedding dress:

"I was very happy she asked me to design the dress. By the time they came to get married, about 50% of fashion people had changed their minds about her, [and] about Kim and Kanye [as a couple], when the Vogue cover came out. It was sweet because she could have asked a lot of people at that time – but she still asked me."

They represent the society of today

On designing for Nike:

"I have worn white Air Force Ones since I was 14. That's no lie, you can go on the internet and search – I'm always in them! I used to play [basketball] when I was young, like 16, and was obsessed with sports culture. So basically I've been wearing them for a long time, and I'm not very "fashionable" in the way I dress – I'm always in black jeans, white trainers and black shirts."

On his other projects:

"Anything I've done outside of my daily job [at Givenchy] has been out of love, but I have enough work myself. When Nike called me it sounded so real, so natural and I had to meet them. It's kind of like the president of America because, after the American flag, it's one of [those iconic things you] think about when you think of America like Coca-Cola, Marlboro Lights and now Obama."

On the third Nike + RT drop:

"Society is divided naturally into gangs – related to music, the way people eat, the way we travel, the way we dress. In the beginning I decided on five groups, but then I cut that down to three and that [became the base for the three drops of trainers]. The [first] white pack was related to [people who are into] music like rap and R&B. The second [black pack] was more rock and roll, dark, gothic. And the third is more hipster, more organic and natural. It is very strange as I have only worn [plain] white Air Force Ones since forever, but out of the three groups of Nike I have made, the one I am obsessed with is the black."

They represent the society of today

They represent the society of today

The Nike + RT Air Force 1 Beige Collection is available from today at and selected retailers.

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