Luxury labels begin to reveal the 'Rêver2074' initiative: Dreaming 2074

Luxury labels begin to reveal the 'Rêver2074' initiative: Dreaming 2074

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lanvin and more predict the future

A secret project is emerging onto the social media sphere, the 'Rêver2074' initiative put forth by French luxury firms and cultural institutions that seems to be literally dreaming of the future...

A cryptic initiative is coming to light, and it seems to be a celebratory nod to the Comité Colbert, an association "to promote the concept of luxury" – the members of which are French luxury brands that range from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Lanvin to Veuve Clicquot and the Louvre museum.

The Comité Colbert was established in 1954 by Jean-Jacques Guerlain, perfume house founder. And now for its 60th anniversary, the Comité Colbert's current members, made up of 78 luxury houses and 14 cultural institutions, have joined together for the 'Rêver2074' project, translating in English to mean 'Dreaming2074' – a prediciton of the future.

"[This] campaign is not about engaging with consumers. It is about inspiring consumers, teasing them, making them get curious and igniting interest," said Thomaï Serdari, Ph.D. brand strategist and adjunct professor of marketing at New York University.

"It is the 78 brands who will define what luxury will look like in the future rather than try to hear from the consumer what the consumer has in mind," she said. "The consumer is not equipped to envision products that only the creatives who work for these brands have started exploring."

Ms. Serdari is not affiliated with the Comité Colbert or its members, but agreed to comment via Luxury Daily as an industry expert. As of yet the Comité Colbert has not made any official comment.

Take a look at the short reveal video below and watch this space for more details: