Raf Simons reveals details about new Dior documentary

Raf Simons reveals details about new Dior documentary

'Dior et Moi'

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This month, will see the premiere of ‘Dior et Moi’, a new fashion documentary based on the creative director of Dior, Raf Simons, as he creates his debut couture collection for the French fashion house

When Raf Simons took the helm at Christian Dior as its newest couturier - only the sixth in the lavish French house's history - he seemed a bit fearful as he had to prepare his first ever high-fashion collection in only two months as well as having a film crew documenting him every step of the way.

Dior et Moi is an 89-minute documentary premiering April 17 at the Tribeca Film Festival - where Simons will make his acting debut, "You know, it's scary and it would be a lot for people who are not actors because it has nothing to do with acting." the designer told a source.

The film was directed by Frédéric Tcheng, who's no stranger to the world of fashion as he codirected Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel and co-produced and co-edited Valentino: The Last Emperor

For Simons' documentary, Tcheng wanted to capture the reality of the creative process and give viewers a behind-the-scenes element at a major French house as its new designer regrouped the atelier for his big debut.

Raf Simons reveals details about new Dior documentary (фото 1)

Simons says he ultimately came to ignore Tcheng's film crew, and was heartened by the final result, which was taken from 270 hours of raw footage - from stressful moments to sincere appreciation among Simons close-knit Dior team.

"When I saw it, it was very comforting, but also very emotional in a way because you see yourself with all the emotions that come into play in such a moment...including the fear, which was very weird to see coming out of yourself," Simons says. "There was an enormous intimacy in the movie, which I think is also present in Dior, in the company. In the building, there was a strong kind of family feel."

Tcheng highlights the Belgian designer's creative process, embedded in contemporary art, with his conceptual and structured approach.

"He's so forward looking, and Dior is so steeped in tradition. I thought, something is bound to happen," the filmmaker said, "He's trying to push boundaries. He's an innovator. He wants to change the process of couture."



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