Public School marks Middle East debut with first international show

Public School marks Middle East debut with first international show

From New York to Dubai

Cadillac team up with New York designers Public House for their first ever international fashion show in Dubai

Two all-American brands were in Dubai's dazzling spotlight last night, November 9, 2015, with New York-based fashion brand Public School making their debut in the Middle Eastern market, which was celebrated in collaboration with Cadillac who unveiled the new 2017 Cadillac XT5 car.

"This is a new way for two American brands to join forces, share a passion for design and grow globally. For Cadillac, it gives new meaning to being a patron of the arts," said Andrew Smith, Cadillac Executive Director of Global Design.

Prior to the launch, the award-winning designers held a private lunch where Public School's Dao Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne also spoke about the collaboration: "When you think of American luxury, you think Cadillac," said Chow. "For us it's such a strong brand in our lives and everything about it felt really natural, nothing felt forced. It's been a real, natural, familiar progression and concept wise it matched up really well. The contrast between technology and nature, where one ends and the other begins."

When you think about Dubai as a city it's this huge place that's dropped into a desert. it's a great example of our concept and how the two slash into one another. 

Not only did the stateside brands join forces for the first time, Public School also presented their first international show. "The show took us out of our comfort zone, knowing that we would be showing in a city that wasn't New York," said Osborne, who uses New York as the go-to for inspiration. "For us, Public School is a mixture of high and low, luxury and street and the idea of convergence. We are from New York, we use New York as our backbone, it's the melting pot of the world, so we'll use that wherever we go."

The brand's design duo flew in the pre-fall 2016 collection, which was showcased to a select local and international VIP crowd in Dubai. And the creative force didn't disappoint, bringing with them the same design talent they yield behind world-renowned brand, DKNY. Here we have the full show.