Prada unveils new eyewear project – Prada Raw Avenue

Prada unveils new eyewear project – Prada Raw Avenue

Illustrations of Prada Raw

Prada unveils its new eyewear project – Prada Raw Avenue – the new interactive illustrated and animated experience of the new Raw Eyewear Collection, set to launch this week. Get the scoop...

Prada has unveiled a new interactive project, inspired by the Prada Raw Eyewear Collection. The luxury Italian brand has tapped the illustrating talents of 6 different well known illustrators, who have sketched out their own interpretations of the Prada Raw woman, and the Prada Raw experience. The talents include none other than Megan Hess, as well as Vida Vega, Blair Breitenstein and more. 

These drawings and animations will be fully launched on all mobile and desktop digital platforms via the Prada Raw Website at the end of the week, allowing an immersive experience into the creative and personalised interpretations of the eyewear collection. 

Prada Raw Avenue


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