Phoebe Philo returns to fashion with LVMH-backed brand

Phoebe Philo returns to fashion with LVMH-backed brand

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Image: Instagram | BoF

Be still my beating heart – Phoebe Philo is returning to fashion with her very own namesake label...

After a three-year hiatus, the revolutionary Phoebe Philo is making a return to the fashion circuit with an independent clothing and accessories brand. 

The designer is expected to expand what she's best known for – think aesthetically pleasing cuts, approachable luxury, unfussy minimalism and undeniable modernity – to her namesake label, where she will be in control to govern and experiment as she sees fit, even with the backing of LVMH. The conglomerate will have only a minority stake.

The news blessed our Instagram feeds this morning with a statement from the designer which read: "Being in my studio and making once again has been both exciting and incredibly fulfilling. I am very much looking forward to being back in touch with my audience and people everywhere. To be independent, to govern and experiment on my own terms is hugely significant to me."

Since leaving her post as Artistic Director of Celine, we knew that the universe she created with the fashion house would continue to enchant, bringing together 'Philophiles' from around the globe for this very moment. And we couldn't be more excited about this new venture.

The Phoebe Philo Studio will be available for more details in January 2022.