Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Spring/Summer 15

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Spring/Summer 15

The (Chanel) empire strikes back

Karl Lagerfeld showed that there's a first time for everything as he sent his models down the runway protesting, with Cara Delevingne leading the pack shouting 'What do we want?' into her megaphone, followed by 'When do we want it?' while the other models chanted 'NOW!'

Today, Karl Lagerfeld made a swift exit from Colette – as he previewed the new Apple Watch with Suzy Menkes – to go join his gang of female protestors (which included Kendall Jenner) at Chanel's Spring/Summer 15 runway show.

Chanel Spring/Summer 15

As guests sat down at 'Boulevard Chanel', which was the Grand Palais transformed into a wide Parisian street, we were sure the last thing they were expecting was models to walk down the catwalk holding signs with 'Be Your Own Stylist', 'Ladies First', and 'He for She'  a nod to Emma Watson's recent UN campaign  while of course being decked out in Chanel's newest ensembles.

Besides Karl's political yet stylish message, the collection consisted of 83 beautifully constructed outfits. Models first walked out in masculine tweed suits, with brightly-coloured ties or blouses – which borrowed its silhouettes from the 1970s and 80s. Gradually more colour and print started to appear, taking the shape of watercolour effect floral patterns seen across knee-high booties, silk skirts and jackets.

Toning down the pink, orange and purple hues, a set of more androgynous suede khaki looks followed, taking inspiration from the uniforms worn by women who worked in factories from the era.

 Chanel Spring/Summer 15

Keeping to his tailored cuts of pants, blazers, collar shirts and shorts, Lagerfeld modernised the industrial working theme with beautiful floral embroideries, sequined stripes, and lace.

Ensuring their hands stay free, most handbags were seen thrown across models chests, from simple black or white leather messenger bags and Chanel briefcases to plastic navy boxes that had '5 × 5 = Chanel' and 'Make Fashion Not War' engraved onto them.

As the powerful show came to an end, photographers leapt from the sidelines to capture Chanel's empowering females pacing down the runway, with Karl himself even striding at the very front of the march, and we think its safe to say, we hear you Karl, loud and clear!