Pamela Love for Barney's

Pamela Love for Barney's

Animated designs

Image: Barney's
Image: Vimeo

A new campaign by Pamela Love and husband Matthew Nelson has seen the creation of a series of delicate illustrations of a girl shielding her eyes and randomly selecting locations from a globe. And for Barney's online store, a special animation has been produced.


Pamela Love

Matthew Nelson and Pamela Love


In the cartoon, moving a cursor over the globe makes it rotate, and products appear. When the user clicks a product, they are redirected to a page about the piece, with a description and a photo. 


Pamela Love

The animation for Barney's


The drawings were created manually by Matthew and Pamela, who have admitted that for them that the real magic is apparent only when their ideas are transformed by another person...


Love Story: Pamela Love and Matthew Nelson on Their Latest Collaboration from Barneys The Window on Vimeo.

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