Milan Fashion Week: No. 21 Spring/Summer 16

Milan Fashion Week: No. 21 Spring/Summer 16

Inverting images

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Discover the latest No. 21 Spring/Summer 16 collection, where Alessandra Dell’Acqua revisits the 90s in a juxtaposed mix of hard and soft ensembles. Take a closer look at the full lineup with Buro 24/7 Middle East...

Alesandro Dell'Acqua's designs have a reputation for being refined yet full of unexpected details, like intricate embellishments and cool prints in easy to wear silhouettes. For his Spring/Summer 16 collection for No. 21 the Italian designer took the contemporary label up a notch where it seemed to be sitting quite comfortably in the luxury arena of fashion.

Drawing inspiration from the photographic styles of Corrine Day and Tina Modotti, Dell'Acqua's lineup for Spring/Summer focused heavily on experimentation of combining a Nineties roughness with a softer style, resulting in a collection which carried out a continuous juxtaposition of hard and soft, masculine and dainty style. "It's about inverting images, overlapping and reworking, masculine and feminine, and quite sexy," said the designer.

Boasting a reputation for exquisite lace detailing, season after season, it was expected of the designer to add this signature component to the collection. However, it was the details that made the difference. Finished in what seemed to be a Latin American-inspired theme of embellishments, pom-pom fringing, colour-contrasting ruffles and undone, loose flowing ties breathed new life into his signature lace separates.

A refreshing addition to the mix was Dell'Acqua's nod to knitwear, which was given a ballerina-off-duty appeal in wrap-around styles paired with mid-length skirts.

His nineties influence took shape in the form of t-shirts and tank tops worn under practically everything, and upon closer inspection, his Crepe de Chine blouses and jumpers were spattered with a print of lit cigarettes trailing swirls of smoke.  

Discover the collection in full via our gallery below...