Nike files $10m lawsuit against three former shoe designers

Nike files $10m lawsuit against three former shoe designers

Sporty secrets

In September, it was announced that three of Nike’s senior designers would move to their rivals Adidas, with the American sports label now accusing its former creatives of stealing its secrets and handing them over to its German rival

This week, Nike filed a lawsuit in Oregon where the US-based sports giant's has claimed at least $10 million in damages. The world's largest sportswear maker stated former designers, Marc Dolce, Mark Miner, and senior design director Denis Dekovic, started consulting for Adidas while still working at Nike which violated their non-compete agreements.

Many of the proposed ideas suggested by the trio keep in line with Nike's current structure, including a proposed design studio similar to Nike's own 'The Kitchen'.

Other allegations include that special materials were copied off work computers (including designs for an unreleased shoe made for a Nike sponsored athlete), and the removal of private work emails and text messages. Nike also notioned that Adidas knew of the non-compete agreements and promised to pay for any legal issued that would come from their move.

A Nike spokesperson declined to comment further on the case, but said the company shall "vigorously" protect its intellectual property. While an Adidas representative said the company attracts top talent and has "no interest in old work or past assignments."



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