New film: Wes Anderson's Prada Classics

New film: Wes Anderson's Prada Classics

'Castello Cavalcanti' is released today at The Rome Film Festival

Image: The Rome Film Festival

In a project devoted to art, architecture and film, director Wes Anderson has teamed up with Prada to promote their shared talents once again.

Our favourite titles from the American director and screenwriter Wes Anderson include Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic, and recently, Prada has teamed up with the director to unveil the third chapter of its 'Prada Classics', exploring different cultural fields such as art, architecture and cinema.

Anderson directed an eight-minute short movie, called Castello Cavalcanti, which will be shown for the first time today at the Rome Film Festival. 

Filmed in Rome's Cinecittà, the movie, which is set in 1955, starts with the main character played by Jason Schwartzman, arriving in a tiny Italian village where he crushed his car against a statue of Jesus. He finds himself immersed in a completely new reality. Actress Glada Colagrande also appears in the short movie, which will be available to watch at from today.

Anderson will give a lecture before the screening, while Miuccia Prada will host a private dinner tonight in honour of the director at Nino restaurant in Rome.


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Miuccia Prada

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