Must-watch: The Paradoxes of Chanel video

Embrace duality

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: YouTube

It's time to rediscover the House of Chanel in a new enlightening monochromatic video.

French luxury label Chanel has released new video from its Inside Chanel series titled The Paradoxes of Chanel. This time round, the maison invites viewers to explore the concept of duality within the brand that was embraced by Coco Chanel, helping her shape the brand into the icon it is today. The video shows that it's not about black or white, vulnerable or invincible, elegant or nonchalant, but rather a reconciliation of the juxtapositions to create something even better. As the narrator aptly describes, "The paradox is borrowing garments and fabrics from the male wardrobe that make women look even more feminine."

Then, watch a video showcase of Chanel's derby shoes from its Cruise '17 collection starring Caroline de Maigret.

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