Must-watch: Chanel's Paris Cosmopolite 2016/17 Métiers d'art video campaign

Vittoria Ceretti and Natalie Westling

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Video: Chanel

Two iconic brands – Ritz and Chanel – combine to create a visual campaign that's not to be missed. Watch it here with Buro 24/7 Middle East...

French luxury label Chanel has released the video campaign for its Paris Cosmopolite 2016/17 Métiers d'art collection. Starring models Vittoria Ceretti and Natalie Westling, the two-minute clip was shot at the Hotel Ritz Paris and sees the duo dressed in the stunning new collection – think classic cuts and sparkling embellishments – as they move around the hotel's grand halls and rooms.

Now, watch the latest video from the Inside Chanel series titled Gabrielle, The Quest for Freedom.

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