Must-watch: Chanel's Gabrielle, The Pursuit of Passion video

Seize, dare, create

Text: Shannon Wylie

Video: Chanel

New truths about Gabrielle Chanel are unveiled in a new short film, The Pursuit of Passion. Watch it now with Buro 24/7 Middle East...

Gabrielle Chanel's passion has been characterised into three simple key terms in the latest must-watch version of the fashion house's video series. The 21st intallment, aptly titled The Pursuit of Passion focuses in on what it means to "seize, dare, create," as the short showcases Chanel's desire to: "Seize beauty all the time, everywhere you go — in a Venetian church, in a bouquet of white camellias, in a Baroque angel — because it is a vital necessity. Dare to transform your intuition into a brand. Embrace radical decisions: 'I've never done things by halves. I either like them or I don't.' Create tirelessly and persistently. Continue your journey without worrying about the past or posterity, with passion as your only compass."

Watch the two-minute video above for more insight into the real Gabrielle Chanel, then discover the Chanel identities of Kristen Stewart and Pharrell Williams.