Milan Fashion Week: Moschino Spring/Summer 16

Milan Fashion Week: Moschino Spring/Summer 16

'Dangerous Couture Ahead'

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Jeremy Scott stopped traffic with his Spring/Summer 16 collection for Moschino, presented last night at Milan Fashion Week. See the full details of the lineup here…

The signs were everywhere, quite literally, pointing to Moschino's new look for Spring/Summer 16 at Milan Fashion Week last night. Under the creative direction of Jeremy Scott, the runway was converted into a construction zone with an orange-and-white chaos filled room of traffic cones, barriers and signs warning of 'Dangerous Couture Ahead'.

At 8pm, out came a collection featuring Chanel-style skirt suits and dresses in bright neon orange and yellow, detailed in reflective tape fitting in quite effortlessly among the roadblocks and danger signs.

The Fifties inspired collection was accessorised with more puns that played on the designer's punchlines, there were toolbox and lunch-box bags, caution-tape sandals, hardhats and signage handbags that read 'Do Not Enter'.

Throughout the show, signs appeared and reappeared. On the back of a full-skirted trench coat, it read 'Open Trench' and on a little black dress, the sign read 'Shop' instead of 'Stop' in white letters against the iconic red octagon.

It was carwash couture in the second half of the show as Scott's girls came out in squeaky clean looks, like the powder blue gown in a latex-looking fabric that was embellished with an oversized bow. Later looks included fringed dresses resembling the brushes used to clean cars, swishing to-and-fro as they made their way down the runway with real bubbles in the air.

Playing on the term construction – as in that of traditional couture garment-making, Scott brought traffic to a roaring halt with his latest collection. Discover the collection in full via our gallery below... 

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