Hermès launch a new creative app

Hermès launch a new creative app

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Hermes' biannual magazine has unveiled its first 'Le Monde d'Hermès' recreational app, available to download for now for iPhone and Android systems

For the last 30 years, Le Monde d'Hermès has been inviting talented writers, artists and photographers as contributors to its pages.

It has offered talents such as Edmund du Waal, Peter Saville, Mark Borthwick, Tim Walker and Koto Bolofo the chance to take inspiration from objects and themes, and bring the likes of photographers Olivia Bee or Simon & Lucie into the spotlight of a global creative platform.

Monde d'Hermès application

From now on, the magazine will come with digital surprises, as it launches its very first recreational app, celebrating Metamorphosis, a Hermès story, which is the annual house theme.

The 'Le Monde d'Hermès' application allows you to browse the Spring/Summer 14 issue and apply unique virtual folding to create your own origami masterpiece, which you can also share on social networks.

Monde d'Hermès application

The app will also lead you to the nearest Hermes store - wherever you are in the world - to pick up your own copy of Le Monde d'Hermès.

The app is available to download here.  


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