Miss Vogue debuts online

Miss Vogue debuts online

Conde Nast's new family member…

British Vogue has now launched Miss Vogue — a new platform that the Conde Naste title dubs its “younger sister” — giving it its own very one online space...

On Monday, British Vogue saw the launch of Miss Vogue, a new website that takes its style queues from a Tumblr page, with fun fashion-based images adorning the new digital platform. 

The youthful publication covers fashion, beauty, celebrity looks and the most stylish Instagram accounts to follow, along with a new section called 'What's Up' which spotlights unique and quirky items. 

Miss Vogue's content is updated daily, and is created by British Vogue's online team, with Emily Sheffield, editor of Miss Vogue and deputy editor of British Vogue stating, "We're delighted Miss Vogue is now online, bringing the best elements of Vogue to a teenage audience, tapping into their dreams of grownup glamour on a daily basis."