Mira Duma for Michael Kors

Mira Duma for Michael Kors


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Buro 24/7 founder, Miroslava Duma and American designer, Michael Kors collaborate for his new project for Destination Kors


Back in October, founder of Buro 24/7 Miroslava Duma was in New York to support designer Michael Kors' Watch Hunger Stop - an initiative to battle world hunger. In the city strictly for business and to raise awareness for the cause, Miroslava was invited to collaborate with the American designer for a special project for Destination Kors - while her stay in NYC.  She took part in a photo-shoot for the project along with a short video in which she explains why she loves both New York City and Michael Kors.

Mira Duma for Michael Kors (фото 1)

For the photo-shoot Miroslava chooses some signature pieces from the collection - a neutral palette mostly focusing in on a sandy beige tone that we see throughout with very classic tailoring. 

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"Honestly, I do not have a clearly defined style, I'm always experimenting.  Because I work in the fashion industry I get to play with fashion a lot. I learn new things in this fashion world everyday, so I always want to try everything," explains Miroslava.

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"I love the American style. Michael Kors is very feminine and playful but also very classic. I can say with confidence that the designer loves women because in his clothes, they feel confident, beautiful and sexy," she continues.

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The founder of Buro 24/7 also selected some of her favourite pieces from the new collection, which are all available though his website. Among the pieces she chose: jackets, trousers, skirts, sandals, watched and a few other accessories. 

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