Miroslava Duma partners with Fabergé and Harrods

Miroslava Duma partners with Fabergé and Harrods

Icons unite in a chic collaboration for Easter

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Style icon Miroslava Duma has teamed up with iconic artesian jeweller Fabergé, and Harrods in London, for an exclusive Easter-themed joint project in April

The famed Brompton Road storefront of Harrods in London will play host to windows that retell the story of legendary jewellery house Fabergé this Easter. A luxurious pop-up salon will feature the brand's jewellery collections and an interactive digital lounge that gives customers a chance to style and share Fabergé jewels...

In addition, an 'Egg Bar' will showcase the brand's iconic precious egg pendants, plus an exhibition space will present – among other historic pieces – the original 1901 Fabergé Apple Blossom Egg, never seen before in the UK. 

Furthermore, in an exciting addition to the proceedings, founder of Buro 24/7 Miroslava Duma will launch the 'Fabergé Cinescope' concept – an interactive social media led experience that will celebrate the world of Fabergé. "I am really excited to be working with Fabergé and Harrods on this innovative Easter collaboration. Fabergé being the ultimate Russian jewellery house is very close to me. Together with Harrods, they are re-inventing heritage for today's audience," she comments.

'Fabergé Cinescope' will enable visitors to try Fabergé jewellery via a digital mirror and create one-of-a-kind animation self-portraits that can be shared across social media. The digital concept is inspired by a popular Victorian novelty that creates a pre-cinematic form of animation, based on the trompe-l'oeil optical effect created by two images placed on either side of a disk creating an illusion of being one image, when rotated quickly.

Miroslava Duma partners with Fabergé and Harrods (фото 1)

Miroslava Duma partners with Fabergé and Harrods (фото 2)

Miroslava Duma partners with Fabergé and Harrods (фото 3)

Marrying innovation with tradition is what Fabergé excels at - creating contemporary jewellery collections inspired by its illustrious heritage, and now it's succeeding in transforming a historical period toy into a digital-age concept.


"We are delighted to work with Miroslava Duma on this exciting project. Miroslava represents the modern-day Tsarina with her glamorous allure and sophistication. She is also a successful, accomplished, digital innovator with an exceptional sense of style." Confirms Katharina Flohr, Fabergé Creative and Managing Director.

The concept will be supported by the following social media handles: @OfficialFaberge / @Harrods / @MiraDuma and #FabergeAtHarrods

'A Fabergé Easter at Harrods' runs from April 1–21