First look: Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2015

First look: Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2015

The Kors effect

For Pre-Fall 2015, the all-American designer delivered an unfussy, wearable, and chic collection to his any-age costumers, reminding women that femininity and wearability can come as a package

This season, Michael
 Kors kept his silhouettes youthful, crisp and structured, using a variety of fabrics from denim to leather for fresh looks that would appease all types of women.

With Baby Jane Holzer, Winona Ryder, and Taylor Swift as Kors' eclectic choice of muses for this collection, the designer paired pleated flowing skirts with straight tops, and baggy side-striped track pants made form double crepe over stylish slip-on "tuxedo sneakers" decorated with black bows.

Combining graphic feminine flair with an androgynous edge (take the sequined ruby blouse), Kors has provided females with the ultimate Pre-Fall collection with looks that can take you from day to night in striped second.  

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