Michael Kors launches a 'shoppable' Instagram initiative

Michael Kors launches a 'shoppable' Instagram initiative


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Michale Kors is taking its 3 million + Instagram followers and attempting to transform their social media community into commerce

US major player Michael Kors is taking its impressive Instagram following – that would be 3.1 million and counting – and launching #InstaKors, a concept that aims to bridge the brand's Instagram and e-commerce channels.

When visitors sign up on using their e-mail and Instagram handle, they receive e-mails with direct links to purchase any items they have previously "liked" in the Instagram posts. Any post enabled with the shopping feature will be hashtagged #InstaKors, which, over the course of the holiday season, will comprise 60 products over 20 shoppable Instagrams.

Products create the most social engagement include handbags, watches, accessories and shoes, and will therefore make up the majority of items for sale.

In answer to why the brand has selected Instagram for this project, Kors states that it's where it sees the highest year-over-year growth and engagement. Facebook and Twitter are instrumental in inspiring fans and helping in the shopping process, but finding a way to "shop" Instagram was a necessity, the company said.

Instagram has yet to incorporate the ability to link out from a post, and Michael Kors one of the first brands to implement an initiative like this. The concept mirrors the one recently launched by Marc Jacobs for its beauty range.

'Social shopping' won't be a one-off thing for Kors, either. The brand will incorporate this technology into its overall strategy, calling it an "always-on" service moving forward.

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