Mia Wasikowska for Interview magazine

Mia Wasikowska for Interview magazine

Questioned by Glenn Close

Image: Interview Magazine

Mia Wasikowska features in an interesting Q&A, plus a strikingly bold photo feature for the esteemed magazine's August issue

In the latest issue of Interview magazine the 24-year-old Alice in Wonderland star has a conversation with fellow actress Glenn Close about her career as one of Hollywood's most fortunate young stars, having been in several Oscar-winning films already, and moving from Australia to LA and the land of showbiz.

"I never felt like I lived in LA or New York or America," Wasikowska says. "I've just been in transit for the last five years."

She will next appear in the drama Tracks, opposite Girls actor Adam Driver, which she filmed in her home country.

Close and Wasikowska also converse about the actress' filming experiences while sharing anecdotes from set, and reminisce together about some of their earliest acting fears.

Mia W for Interview

"I was almost embarrassed by wanting to be an actor, because it seems such an unattainable thing," the actress told her Albert Knobbs co-star, Close. "My mom remembers a period when I locked myself in my room and did research and made phone calls and wrote letters to try to get an agent."

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