Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani Autumn/Winter 14

Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani Autumn/Winter 14

Lime is the key

Image: Giorgio Armani

With a play on masculine tailoring and the expected stunning eveningwear, Giorgio Armani presents his Oscar-worthy AW14 collection

Relaxed, masculine lines for suits with short and loose trousers, one-button jackets fastened right up to the neck giving a wing-like silhouette – Giorgio Armani Autumn/Winter 14 is not altogether unlike an homage to Annie Hall, fashion heroine of the late 70s. 

And despite being incredibly busy this MFW, Armani's second collection of the week really has no sense of time, especially when you consider the pops of colour, with a soft and hazy key lime green being the key.

It was splashed across necklines in pattern – in full over said jackets and striped on the sides of trousers, making them out tomboyish and sporty all at once. "Lime green is a colour that stands out," Armani said after the show. "It's a stimulating colour... It also represents something avant-garde." 

Unexpected details added the fun factor - elegant suits were worn with military boots - another 'new' element for Armani came in the super relaxed tailored cuts, fluid in movement and elegantly casual. Most noticeable was the snaking, glittering black layer-top over a top-to-toe lime green trouser and blouse combination, also revealing a little midriff - absolutely beautiful, however perhaps a little too avant-garde for Ms Hall.

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