New York Fashion Week: Marchesa Autumn/Winter 15

New York Fashion Week: Marchesa Autumn/Winter 15

Fringe benefits

Marchesa dialed up the sultry factor to a steaming maximum in an Art Deco era inspired Autumn/Winter 15 collection of fringed dresses and clouds of fluffy tulle fancy...

Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig transformed the runway of their Autumn/Winter 15 show into what could have been the walkway to a sultry invitation-only party at the Gatsby mansion. Loose fingerwaves crinkled the hair and ox-blood red lips spoke seductive volumes without saying a word. 

Fringed layers formed part of the cornerstone to the collection. They bounced on a floor length top, and tiered down a full length gown in a buoyant and joyful dance. Ruffles of tulle formed tiny cloud-like clusters and crowded the mid length lower half of a white dress that balanced a flush metallic stitched lace top. Lace and sheerness peeked its way into the collection and floral motifs cropped up throughout. 

The eveningwear collection wasn't all dresses and gowns, tailored pants found their place amongst the largely skirted bottoms of the collection, in consistent shades of deep red and black, presumably more as the support act to the floor length fringed top creation: "We're really feeling it," said Chapman of the fancy pants look. "Some of the tops are floor length. We definitely feel it's black-tie worthy."


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