New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 16

New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 16

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For one night, and one night only, Marc Jacobs premiered his Spring/Summer 16 collection at the historic Zeigfeld Theatre Thursday night at New York Fashion Week. Take a closer look with Buro 24/7 Middle East...

If there was ever a designer who knew how to put on not only a show, but an over-the-top fireworks-worthy performance during fashion week, it is Marc Jacobs. Setting the scene for his Spring/Summer 16 collection at New York Fashion Week, the sign outside of the Ziegfeld Theatre on 54th street read "One Night Only, Marc Jacobs #MarcJacobsPremiere". 

Premiere it was, with all of the trappings too. From a red carpet, to a live orchestra, ushers in Marc Jacobs uniforms selling popcorn and soda, plus cigarette girls passing out candy, to the divas and stars in the theatre that included Bette Midler, Deborah Harry, Kate Mara, Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davis and more – Jacobs thought of quite literally everything to make sure this evening was an unforgettable one. 

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 16

Much to the delight of the screeching fans outside of the theatre, who were so appropriately lined up along the red carpet behind the velvet ropes, Marc Jacobs sent his models walking down the red carpet which was live streaming to the full house inside. All of the action, however, did not remain outside – inside, Jacobs had the live orchestra playing a boisterous, syncopated score. 

Standout red carpet (runway) moments included Beth Ditto, the lead singer of the band The Gossip, walking the runway channeling Mae West, whilst Kendall Jenner and John Smalls were two of the high-profile models in Jacobs' cast.

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 16

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 16

During a preview the designer said, "What is America for me? For me, America is New York City." And whilst his show was in New York City at one of its most acclaimed theatrical locations, the collection itself was chockfull of red white and blue. Models appeared decked out in Forties glam, Eighties street, military, showgirl sass, undone Stars and Stripes, grunge and more. Separates within the collection included plaid silk shirts, jeans, and varsity sweaters with an emphasis on intricate embroideries. 

At the end of the show, the credits rolled – quite literally, with Jacobs' own take on the infamous MGM logo with his own pup, Neville, replacing Leo the Lion. 

Discover the collection in full via our gallery below... 

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 16

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