Designer Marc Jacobs has finally created a personal Instagram account

Designer Marc Jacobs has finally created a personal Instagram account

@TheMarcJacobs master plan

Fresh from the news that the Marc Jacobs brand is restructuring its contemporary lines, comes the news that the man behind the brand, Marc Jacobs, has joined Instagram. Fans are delighted to welcome him to the digital platform. Could this all be part of the Marc Jacobs master plan?...

Admirers of Marc Jacobs are double tapping for joy today as the designer has officially joined Instagram. Launching his personal account today with a side profile picture of himself with crossed arms and a mischievous side glance, Jacobs stands in front of a framed typographic art work, with a caption "no filter, (some filler!)"

The account had already garnered a following of 13.6 thousand followers (and counting) in the eight hours since it was created. Although this is still a little way off the 120 thousand followers of the designer's superstar bull terrier, Neville

Perhaps this could be a strategic move to elevate visibility across social media channels as the Marc Jacobs brand undergoes some changes under new CEO Sebastian Suhl's master plan?

Buro 24/7 Middle East brought you the news that the contemporary line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, is to cease production, such as it is, and its remit is to be absorbed under the all encompassing singular label Marc Jacobs, which will continue to design luxury collections simultaneously. We look forward to seeing more posts from the designer as we observe the future growth of the Marc Jacobs name.

Marc Jacobs joins Instagram

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