Swan song: Marc by Marc Jacobs teams up with Disney

Swan song: Marc by Marc Jacobs teams up with Disney

'I'm Not Like Other Girls'

Marc by Marc Jacobs makes its farewell bid by jumping down the rabbit hole, with a big Disney collaboration. Designing a line of accessories and more, inspired by Disney’s upcoming film – ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’

Before Marc Jacobs International becomes a single-label structure, the soon to be absorbed Marc by Marc Jacobs label is making its final bid goodbye with a high profile collaboration with Disney. As Disney anticipates the release of its Alice In Wonderland film remaking – Alice Through The Looking Glass – Marc by Marc Jacobs will release a holiday collection alongside it, called 'I'm Not Like Other Girls.' 

The collection will of course take some of its design cues from the famous fantasy fairytale, and will consist of sunglasses, totes, backpacks, phone cases, jewellery, watches, sweatshirts and more. We can expect to see some Matter Hatter references and plenty of loosely tied bow shapes. 

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