Maison Martin Margiela has subtly changed its name

Maison Martin Margiela has subtly changed its name

No more Martin

The famously secretive fashion house has subtly changed its name – confirming the change, but of course, responding with a "no comment" comment...

John Galliano's return to fashion on Monday with his debut Artisanal Couture Spring 2015 collection for Maison Martin Margiela didn't exactly go unnoticed by the world. In fact, the famously secretive and 'under-the-radar' brand, which hired Galliano and gave him a second chance following his fall from grace in 2011, even embraced the impending attention – creating the hashtag #MargielaMonday.

And whilst the whole world was talking about Galliano's new designs, many failed to notice that something rather revolutionary had also happened – Maison Martin Margiela had subtly changed its name. 

An image posted by the brand's Instagram account showed a simple white chair, with a white background (nothing unusual so far...) but on closer inspection, a card that read 'Maison Margiela Paris'. Where is the Martin? The Martin has been dropped guys. Its gone... 

The invitations, the show notes and the Instagram handle were all changed from the usual 'Maison Martin Margiela' to just simply 'Maison Margiela'. A rep from the fashion house confirmed the name change, but of course, had "no comment".

So there you go. John Galliano is in, and the famously shy man who was incredibly picky about operating out of the public eye when he was at the helm – Martin Margiela – is now, well and truly invisible. 

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