Madonna is going to perform at this year's Eurovision

Madonna is going to perform at this year's Eurovision

Well that's gonna shoot the viewer numbers up

Text: Georgie Bradley

Image: Variety

Madonna, the unanimous Queen of Pop, is performing at this year's Eurovision song contest...

If it wasn't already common knowledge, it definitely is now: Madonna is a Ka-ween. Of many things: pop, fashion, controversy, you name it. And furthering her icon status is her next gig in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The living legend behind hits like Lucky StarHey Mr DJ and Like A Prayer has been booked into perform at this year's Eurovision song contest.

For the uninitiated and not-so-cheesy among you, Eurovision is a pan Euro singing competition held among a number of countries within the European Union – although Australia have now waggled their way in, on the grounds that they ADORE it down under. Fair play. 

So, Madonna is going to headline the contest with two songs. A classic and a new one from her upcoming album, which according to Variety, she's expected to release later this year – yep, she's still got it. 

Eurovision's finale will be held in Tel Aviv on 18 May.

Yo, where can be live stream it? Exciting...

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