Watch now: Louis Vuitton's Iconoclasts creative films

Watch now: Louis Vuitton's Iconoclasts creative films

Frank Gehry and Christian Louboutin's collaborative pieces

With Frank Gehry's short film directed by Pierre Debuscherre and Christian Louboutin's romantic rendez-vous taking place on a rainy day in Paris

Louis Vuitton's Celebrating Monogram project has concerned six prolific artists in their chosen fields – architect Frank Gehry, designers Rei Kawakubo, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, interiors expert Marc Newson and artist Cindy Sherman – who have each created their own interpretations of the classic monogram for the French fashion house. Here, two of the Iconoclasts share the inspirations behind their creative thinking in two short films.

Frank Gehry's in an abstract short film starring Julia Nobis:

While Christian Louboutin takes a romantic stroll around rainy Paris with Saskia de Braw to the sweet sound of a violin: