Nicolas Ghesquière presents his second Cruise collection for Louis Vuitton

Nicolas Ghesquière presents his second Cruise collection for Louis Vuitton

Celebrating futurism for Cruise 2016

Discover the new Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016 collection by Nicolas Ghesquière – marking his 6th collection for the iconic French fashion house, which was presented at the Palm Springs estate belonging to Bob Hope. See the full line-up here...

550 VIP guests flew into California yesterday to get a first hand look at the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016 collection, hosted in the former estate of Bob and Delores Hope. The estate, with its distinctive spaceship-like pavilion, was an instinctive fit for Nicolas Ghesquiere's futuristic aesthetic, that pervaded the styling and beauty details of the show. Guests were seated around the hill top estate that looks down onto the scorched Coachella Valley, giving luna landscape vibes that comfortably accompanied the clothes on show.

Futurism pervaded much of the first half of the collection seen in the quilted holographic coat, which also came in a Mars like red iteration. The silver leather biker jacked was also a futuristic touch that seemed to have been translated seamlessly from the Autumn/Winter 15 runway. 

There was a warrior-esque accent present in some of the early dresses also, flowing at the bottom  and holstered with several leather straps and buckles that denoted a certain power. And the chainmail-like shoulder additions to a white silk dress were Joan of Arc meets Game of Thrones' Khaleesi if either had an elegant event to attend. 

Print elements seemed to link to setting a different way, a navajo or folk connection came to life through these pieces, seen on hot pant and jacket mini suits and some gypsy dresses. 

Shoes were almost exclusively flat, though many were elevated through inches of level platform under lace up boots, and some more Palm Spring's appropriate sandals. Take a look at the collection in full via the gallery below...