Les 3 Boutons: See the new film by Miu Miu and Agnès Varda

As part of the Miu Miu Women's Tales series

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“It’s playing a game with reality,” Varda says. “The game is called cinema.”

The new short film stars upcoming actress Jasmine Thiré, and was shot in location in Bonnieux and rue Daguerre, Paris. The "plot reverses the clichés of girlhood. Jasmine prefers school uniform and education to the easy allure of a Cinderella lifestyle," according to Miu Miu. 

"I immediately saw the contradictory juxtaposition of farm life and haute couture," explained Varda of her new short film. "The most minimal element, the most essential one is the button. 3...2...1...go!" As the three buttons gradually fall from Jasmine's dress, each full of promise and change, we realise that Varda's description of "a young girl discovering herself" applies just as much to the ageless director as it does to the inquisitive protagonist. 

Take a look at the 11-minute short above and stay tuned for more news from Venice Film Festival on Buro 24/7 Middle East...

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