Lara Stone, Kendall Jenner and more come to life for Garage magazine cover

Lara Stone, Kendall Jenner and more come to life for Garage magazine cover

A tech-fused marvel

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Garage Magazine have debuted an impressive new cover – and not just for its world-famous faces (which include Kendall Jenner and Lara Stone) – the new print visual features animated covers and embedded films. Amazingly fusing together the world's of print and digital...

Starring an impressive list of iconic models including Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Lara Stone and Binx Walton, the new Garage magazine cover – rather incredibly – combines the worlds of digital and print media in one pioneering never-done-before concept.

Using unique technology, which allows the print cover to feature animated covers and embedded films; the complete set of covers will be shared to the five model's some 30 million combined social media followers.

Iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath worked alongside the pioneering special effects studio The Mill to create the futuristic covers. The issues are set to hit newsstands worldwide next week and are also available on the Garage app, accompanied by sound effects from Alex da Kid.

"It started off with the Jeff Koons cover for the last issue, when we turned Anja [Rubik] and Binx [Walton] into metallic Koons bunnies, which was fantastic. Then I had a very excited conversation with Pat McGrath, which was basically, 'Let's animate the cover; let's add some music; oh great, let's not do it with one person, let's do it with all of them,'" Charlotte Stockdale, fashion director at Garage told the Business of Fashion.

The digital wonder continues within the pages of the new issue also – with iconic photographer Nick Knight capturing an augmented fashion shoot in collaboration with Stockdale.

"I have always been very intrigued by the idea that there can be more behind the page than just the page," said Stockdale. "I thought how interesting it would be to do a fashion shoot that was all behind the page as opposed to on the page and Nick Knight seemed the person who would really get excited about it."

"They are almost like scene-of-the-crime pictures," said Knight of the new pioneering collaboration. "Actually, nothing is happening in them: burnt earth, a leaf on a tree. I wanted to convey a sense of nothingness and emptiness, so that you immediately think, there must be something more, to encourage people to use the app - then you see the crime!"

Is this fusion of print and digital the future? Decide for yourself, and take a closer look at the new technology in the video below: