Karl Lagerfeld's Masterclass

Karl Lagerfeld's Masterclass

Key quotes from Kaiser Karl's university speech

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Image: Fashion School Daily

As part of a two-hour Q&A session this week, designer Karl Lagerfeld shared his views on life with the students of the University of Sciences Po in Paris. From his love of drawing to the finishing touches of fashion, which, in his own words, has "moved from the catwalk to the museums."

The sometimes rather outrageous fashion figure, artist and photographer visited about 400 students at the university, and here we have some of the most memorable quotes that Lagerfeld shared with them during his masterclass...

On fashion in the 1950s

"Fashion then was hardly glamorous. Studios, which worked with seamstresses, were unkempt and looked disgusting and they paid paltry money. In comparison to the modern studio of Chanel today: it's like a sci-fi movie."

On online trading

"It is amazing that today you can buy clothes online. But it is of course far more interesting to come to the store. Personally, I like to see things, so I think it is very important to the development of offline retailers."

On books

"I am a bibliophile, but not one of those who collects rare books. Of course, books are very beautiful, but I am primarily interested in their content and not what is outside, that is how it is valuable to me. I really like the quote by Horace Mann, 'A house without books is a room without windows.'

...By the way, I usually read 20 books at the same time and all in different languages."

On inspiration

"Just as appetite comes with eating, inspiration comes with doing. Operating a fashion business means watching it around the clock. And no other way."

About music

"A great tragedy of my life is that I do not know how to play the piano."


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