Karl Lagerfeld’s bodyguard on working for the man himself

Karl Lagerfeld’s bodyguard on working for the man himself

Sébastien Jondeau - personal assistant, bodyguard and model

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In an interview with Man of the World, Sébastien Jondeau speaks of how he joined Karl Lagerfeld's team, the idiosyncrasies of his work and his modeling career

Sébastien Jondeau, the handsome man from the autumn-winter advertising campaign for Lagerfeld - and one of the models in the Chanel Paris/Dallas Métiers d'Art 2014 show - is in fact the bodyguard to Karl Lagerfeld himself. In an interview for the magazine Man of the World, Jondeau spoke about what it is like to work with the enigma that is Karl Lagerfeld, and on how he began working as the designer's bodyguard and personal assistant.

Karl Lagerfeld’s bodyguard on working for the man himself (фото 1)

Former soldier and avid boxer Jondeau, made Lagerfeld's acquaintance through his work for a security company: "We got along well," he explained, "Mr. Lagerfeld knew I was into various combat sports, and that I boxed. He was interested in what I did, and we were friendly, and so I took a chance one day and told him that if he ever needed a bodyguard, I was available. Soon after, I started working for him - not really as his bodyguard, but more as a kind of driver and right-hand man, although I'd take care of his safety, too, when we were travelling around."

When asked of scuffles, fashion fisticuffs and the like, the bodyguard/model responded with: "We try to avoid physical contact as much as humanly possible when we are protecting someone. It sells movie tickets, but the reality is completely different. Ninety-nine per cent of what we do is about being diplomatic. There is a craft to it. The more intelligent a bodyguard is, the better the outcome will be in every confrontation. Our brains are our primary weapons, before resorting to a brawl." He continued, "to be a good bodyguard you have to be sure of yourself. At the same time, you need to be at peace with yourself, because if you are at war with the world and you have something to prove, you might kill someone. And that is no good."


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