Mattel launching a Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

Mattel launching a Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

Image: WWD

Karl Lagerfeld and Mattel Inc. have joined creative forces to produce the first ever Barbie Lagerfeld, a limited edition doll based on the Chanel designer

As part of the Barbie Collector series, the American toy giant will soon be creating its newest doll, styled after the one and only Mr.Lagerfeld.

From the hand-drawn designs we can see that the Barbie is dressed according to the German couturier's trademark outfit; a tailored black jacket, a white blouse with a high collar and skinny black jeans. Accessories, also key for the new doll's ensemble, include a bulky necktie, dark aviator sunglasses and black ankle boots.  

Kim Culmone, the global vice president of Barbie product design said, "It's not everyday that Barbie dresses like the world's most famous fashion designer."

Additional details about the collectors toy and its distribution are to be released at a later date. 



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