Kanye West reveals floor plan for upcoming Adidas show

Kanye West reveals floor plan for upcoming Adidas show

Ahead of Thursday’s official unveiling

After giving two stellar performances at yesterday’s Grammy Awards and causing some controversy when he stormed the stage as Beck accepted the 'Best Album' award, Kanye West has revealed some more information on his upcoming sneaker collaboration with Adidas…

Following the special debut of the Adidas 750 Yeezy Boost, Kanye West and Adidas have taken to Twitter to reveal the official floor plan (above) for his upcoming show at New York Fashion Week.

The posted photograph shows a computerised sketch of a 'Performance Area Floor Plan' with seating chart and a marked standing room. However, it is still unclear if West's February 12 show will be shown as runway or in a presentation manner – but with the word 'performance' is in the title, we are sure Yeezy has a few theatrical surprises in store for the audience (lets hope Beck isn't in town...)

On the footwear front, a few developments have also been revealed over the last 24 hours, as Kanye's clique member Ibn Jasper gave the world its first peek at the Yeezy Boost trainer on his Instagram handle. Afterwhich, a product page titled 'Yeezy 750 Boost' launched on Adidas' Hungary webstore – suggesting a second Yeezy trainer coming out in solar red. And according to an inside source, there will be two models, the grey Yeezy YZY Boost – set at a retail price of $250 – and the second model, the solar red Yeezy 750 Boost, priced at $350.

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