Kanye West presents Adidas Originals collaboration at New York Fashion Week

Kanye West presents Adidas Originals collaboration at New York Fashion Week

Yeezy Season 1: Men’s and Women’s Autumn/Winter 15

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Following months of speculation, Kanye West finally debuted his new collaboration with Adidas Originals at New York Fashion Week on February 12 – drawing on an unlikely inspiration: The 2011 London Riots...

Kanye West has been all over the media these past few weeks – from leaked Yeezy show posters and floor plans, to debuting a rather strange countdown website, and pretending to storm the stage at the GRAMMYs, followed by a rant post-show with his wife's sister Khloe Kardashian for 'E!', to announcing a musical collaboration with ex-nemesis Taylor Swift. Perhaps, in hindsight, we have been played – as the headlines have certainly created buzz for a moment we all know is important to Mr. West: The debut of his new fashion line with Adidas Originals at New York Fashion Week.

That day finally came yesterday, February 12, and it was world's away from what most were expecting. West presented his inaugural Yeezy 1 Autumn/Winter 15 collection for Adidas Originals as a performance art piece in collaboration with Vanessa Beecroft – with whom the muscian-turned-designer has worked with for the past eight years. The models were arranged in a military formation – which would later be explained backstage, where West highlighted London's 2011 riots as a key inspiration, “I wanted to have an army of kids,” he said. 

Kanye West presents Adidas Originals collaboration at New York Fashion Week (фото 1)

After forcing the show attendees to wait on the West Side Highway for thirty minutes past the 4pm start time, West finally debuted his new collection to a crowd that included his influential circle – Beyoncé, Khloe Kardashian, wife Kim Kardashian, mother-in-law Kris Jenner, Rihanna, Sean 'Diddy' Combs (who had a drink served to him front row) and many more. Some fashion editors have since taken to social media to vent frustration that the aforementioned superstar's bodyguards completely blocked their view – but something tells us West doesn't care, as the show started with sound effects of his voice: "There is a series of people who write just negative comments," he said in the philosophical soliloquy that opened the show. "They want to joke around and say, 'Why is he still trying?'"  

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The lineup was decidedly apocalyptic and included body-stockings, bomber jackets pared with nothing at all as if the wearer had ran out of the house in a hurry away from danger, sports bras, tanks, a piece that resembled a bullet-proof vest, and relaxed t-shirts paired with sweatpants – all done in a colour palette of nudes, greys, army greens, dark browns and almost-black blacks.

Accessories wise, backpacks, oversized leather duffel bags, sneakers, sneaker boots and to-the-knee high-heeled boots all took centre stage – with West noting that everything will be available to buy when the collection hits stores.

The soundtrack went on to close the much buzzed-about show: "I want to create something better for you. We have been limited. It's bigger than who I am even in my present living. It's about what when I was on earth what did I do to help?"