Just in: Burberry to blend future runway shows

Just in: Burberry to blend future runway shows

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Burberry announces future plans to make their Fashion Week presence a biannual event. Buro 24/7 Middle East had the details...

British Burberry have announced this morning that they will be making exciting and relevant changes to the way they'll present their future runway shows. Starting from September, 2016, Burberry will present two season-less shows a year cancelling its current four-strong runway calendar schedule.

The two shows will showcase menswear and womenswear combined and will allow the public to immediately purchase pieces straight from the runway. According to Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer, the new direction is just a natural progression in the brand's strategy. "The changes we are making will allow us to build a closer connection between the experience that we create with our runway shows and the moment when people can physically explore the collections for themselves," said Bailey. "Our shows have been evolving to close this gap for some time. From livestreams, to ordering straight from the runway to live social media campaigns, this is the latest step in a creative process that will continue to evolve," he continued.

These changes follow on from last year's decision to eliminate Prorsum, London and Brit resulting in one collection: Burberry. The brand's social media and digitally driven success with Snapchat, live campaigns and guest photographers such as Brooklyn Beckham also factor into the progressive move. 

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