Johnny Depp covers Interview magazine

Johnny Depp covers Interview magazine

Questioned by his former idol, Iggy Pop

Image: Interview Magazine

Johnny Depp has "built a personal mythos as complex and compelling as his career", something that has earned the star the cover of Interview magazine

During the week in which Johnny Depp and Kate Moss' previous abode went on the market in New York, the now 50-year-old former of the two is promoting his latest 'techno-fable' film, Transcendence, where the actor plays a present-day artificial intelligence researcher whose mind is incorporated into a computer system – essentially disappearing into a network of his own design.

Lucky for us, the promo activity includes a place on the cover of the latest issue of Interview. Plus, the star is questioned by Iggy Pop; the punk rocker for whom Depp opened a show once in the early '80s with his band, The Kids. It was a dream come true for Depp at the time.

In this decade, and asked by Pop about his future plans, the actor said, "It's questionable at best." However, on a brighter note, Depp has also shared that he has been busy with music. "I've been playing a lot lately. It's a real lifesaver, being able to focus on my first love," he said. "It's freedom."

Among the musicians that Depp has recently played with are Ryan Adams ("he's just a pure soul, he's just this being"), Alice Cooper ("really fun") and Marcus Mumford ("who's amazing").

Depp and Pop also discussed Transcendence, of course – plus the Beat generation, Hunter S. Thompson, and working as telemarketers. Click here to read the full interview.

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